Gatsby And Netlify CMS: First Impressions 1

Gatsby And Netlify CMS: First Impressions

For my sister’s birthday, I decided to build her a fast, clean, and modern website using Gatsby. It is on her behalf comic series, Saga of the Old Gods. She’s not a web developer, so I needed it to couple it with something that enables her to upgrade her pages and content easily. There’s quite a few headless CMS options. After doing some research, I went with Netlify CMS.

I intended to use Netlify for hosting anyhow, so I thought why not choose that and try to synchronize. My first experience with Gatsby was the paperwork. I had fashioned using a static site generator before never. React wasn’t new to me, but a lot of the inner workings of Gatsby were.

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Their documentation is amazing. Truly, the writing was clean and crisp. The good examples and descriptions were a charm to check out. I’ve used quite a few libraries and poured within the documentation for them. Firebase for example is one that I spent a lot of time in recently, and frequently was still left scratching my head at.

Yet, for Gatsby there wasn’t an instant of confusion or backtracking. I was able to replicate everything they coach in the guide with relative simplicity. Granted, the mileage might differ for other folks. If you’re looking to grab Gatsby, I cannot recommend it enough for the newbie experience. Within a couple of hours you’ll have a firm understanding and be able to dive right in to producing your own content. Gatsby is well supported by the open source community. There are dozens of formal plugins that make doing things easy and efficient. Also, there are starters, or bundles, that produce firing up assembling your project smooth.

Now, I didn’t use some of those. Because, I wanted to understand from the bottom level how to place a Gatsby site together. I can see myself phoning upon starters in the future to make my time spent better. Of course, I get how everything works too now. I suggest learning it, as I did so, calling upon starters then. I did come across problems with Gatsby eventually, but they were more in the integration of Netlify CMS than anything related to the core of what the framework does.

Being in a position to create pages using React, and add components to them was the fantasy for me. I have a solid understanding of React really, so that part felt right at home. Wow. By default, Gatsby uses it. This was my first time coming in contact with the technology. I needed noticed the word thrown around for awhile, and good stuff about it. That I acquired a flavor Now, I hunger to get more. GraphQL made working with the website’s data so much more efficient and intuitive. Building questions in its web-based IDE GraphiQL was a dream for visualizing and optimizing the bits of data I necessary for my components.