Video Tutorial (2019)! 1

Video Tutorial (2019)!

How to Make a WordPress Website: in 15 Minutes or Less – A Step-by-Step Video Tutorial! Steps to make a WordPress Website: in quarter-hour or Less – A Step-by-Step Video Tutorial! WordPress provides an extremely powerful way for just about anybody to make their own website. In this video, we’ll show you just how – detail by detail – to make a high-quality WordPress website using best practices in just a quarter-hour! Simply follow along, do exactly like shown in the video, and you ought to have your own website ready to go in no time (in literally significantly less than just a quarter-hour)! Direct link to watch the video over on Vimeo.

WordPress isn’t only the most popular CMS on earth, but it’s also touted among the easiest systems to get up and operating quickly. In this video we’re going, showing you that you can easily, easily, and create a nice-looking WordPress website correctly. We’re going to protect a lot of the foundational stuff to create a WordPress site in just minutes including registering for hosting, registering for a domain, installing WordPress, installing and configuring a theme, and installing and configuring plugins.

All of the things are essential and we’re heading to show you how to do them right now, starting with registering for hosting. We’re going to use SiteGround for this video because it’s the best hosting for most people and it offers some WordPress goodies as well. By clicking on this link, we do use an affiliate hyperlink, but this does not affect the price for you and we get a small fee to help create more great content such as this.

Once we get to the SiteGround website, we can pick an idea. That’s % off the standard price. The first thing we need to do is get into our domain. We can register a completely new one or transfer one which we’ve already purchased. We have not purchased a domain name, so we’re going to put that in here yet.

Place for Great Office Ideas. We can choose to upload a logo design if we had one also. We’ll take a quick look at Appearance → Settings where we can transform how we want our sidebars for our pages and our weblogs to be laid out, if we want to allow sharing icons, and scroll to the top. We are able to choose the typography as well. Again, this is another task that can take a while if you truly want to get the appear and feel of your site. We’re not going to now proceed through this, but one of the reason why we decided this theme is basically because it gives us that flexibility.

The theme also offers header options, colors, and more for us to customize this theme and make it ours fully. Because of the limited time we’ve here, we’re not going to go through all of these options, but we strongly suggest you take a look at this and really customize the theme to make it your own. Using the changes we do make, we’re going to click Publish. The final thing we’re going to do is discuss plugins.

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Aside from the Orbit Fox Companion plugin that people just installed providing us more features for our theme, SiteGround comes with Jetpack installed by default. That is a great feature-packed plugin that gives you simple security, customization, management, and more. The last thing we’ll do in this video is established Jetpack so that it’s ready that you can use.

We’ll be prompted to look at the Premium options for Jetpack, however we may use Jetpack completely free of charge if we go through the Focus on the Free button. We’ll then be cut back to our Dashboard where we can select Activate Recommended Features. The reason that we chose Jetpack was because as an individual plugin it does the work of many different plugins.

It has a wide array of features that are extremely useful to our WordPress site, our blog especially. This includes the capability to speed up our site by using CDNs for our images, Lazy Loading images, disabling or enabling special Custom Content types, and much more. Jetpack even includes contact form features by default, so you can quickly and build a contact form easily. With Jetpack configured and installed, we now have a fully functioning website that people can start to visit, but of course we’re not all just how there yet.

There still may be more plugins that you would like to set up and configure, like Yoast SEO to improve the search engine marketing of your site. You’re having to create some content, like your first few blog posts, and a couple of pages for visitors to know who you are and how to get in touch. However in less than minutes, we’ve installed and configured a WordPress site. That’s it because of this video.