It Is A Metaphor 1

It Is A Metaphor

In a previous post I questioned whether there is a ritual theory of artwork. Today I want to revisit that question from another angle. The expression theory of art says that art is expression. It does not say that all expression is art. Nor does is absolutely simply categorize art as a form of expression. It is a metaphor.

The same would get a ritual theory of art. It could say, metaphorically, that creative art is ritual. What which means depends on the rest of the theory. I now think that “art is ritual” theory is best understood in the light of John Dewey’s section “The Live Creature” in his Art as Experience. Dewey tells us a whole tale of the history of humankind which really is a tale of fall.

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Although Dewey is not simple about this, I believe he was directing in direction of some kind of retrieval of this condition, i.e. of primitive life. Rather than literally assimilating artwork under the group of ritual this new way of looking at aesthetics achieves many of the things ritual achieved without making any commitments to communicating with or influencing gods.

Earlier I said that “art is ritual” is a metaphor. A fascinating feature of metaphorical id is that both relative sides of the metaphor are conceptually changed. To some extent Freeland was trying to clarify why people were shocked by just, for example, the Sensation exhibit in Brooklyn. If artwork is isolated in the movie theater, concert and gallery hall, and is decontextualized and isolated from any sense of community, then experiences of, for instance, catharsis might be less possible. The declare that “art is ritual” is (or was) a call to improve society by way of changing our relation to art.

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