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Investment Insider

232 million capital now originates from Canada’s Registered Savings and Registered Pension Plans. The rest of our capital comes from investors in the form of cash. The reasons aren’t new. Fisgard has been performing and reliably since 1994 consistently. Our investors don’t like surprises; they like performance, nothing at all less; and that’s what they get.

They want acceptable returns, security, consistent income, and compound interest growth. Security – Income – Growth; and that’s what we deliver. Our investors want easy-care trouble-free investments. They want to own their investments; they don’t want their investments to possess them. Fisgard is a straightforward worry-free investment. No sleepless evenings with a Fisgard investment.

It’s a healthy investment. The Fisgard investment is not at the mercy of dramatic stock market fluctuations. We don’t speculate – we make investments. Fisgard is a straight-forward income and development investment. Fisgard has lost capital never. Fisgard hasn’t defaulted on the dividend. Fisgard has redeemed most of its investments on the time when due.

Fisgard has never been late on the dividend payment. Fisgard is a value investor. We make investments only in Canada. Real bricks and mortar. Fisgard invests only in quality mortgages secured by valuable Canadian property. Fisgard is controlled by experienced licensed experts. Fisgard is not fee-driven. Fisgard’s costs are defined clearly. Fisgard does not speculate – we only invest. There’s an environment of difference between speculating and investing. Fisgard’s service is professional, courteous, and friendly. Fisgard is relationship-oriented, not transaction-oriented. We care about our customers. Fisgard is a people company. We are community supporters.

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Now as you are getting more, salary to pay less amount than the total amount you had paid in the initial mortgage. You get various taxes exemptions on your principal and investment income property. The tax exemptions available in property investment are more than available in virtually any other investment.

In other investments, you lose terribly on the investments in your bank or investment company in the form of inflation and high fees therein, however in real estate; you do not already have such hindrances. •The interest receivable from your bank account, term deposit, or guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) is completely taxable as income.