Life OF THE Glitter Addict 1

Life OF THE Glitter Addict

So, this past week I did a lot of cleaning and organizing through my makeup. I found a little pot of glitter liquid eye shadow from Icing that I’ve probably had laying around for a while now. I also ran across a little bag of iridescent glitter I needed purchased from Etsy for another task that I experienced never obtained around to.

So, to begin with, you’ll need some kind of water or gel eyeshadow, clear with some sort of glitter inside ideally. Mine was from Icing in the shade Twinkle Twinkle. Next, you need a pot to deposit your new shadow in, I chose a little clear one I acquired in a pack of six from Hobby Lobby for pretty cheap.

This part is honestly your decision. I was forced to obtain a new container since my original was damaged, but if you feel convenient keeping it in the original, feel free. Next, you’ll need a tool to scrape and blend your product. I chose a little two-sided sponge from one of my make-up kits; I never use those.

  • Medium skins
  • Is water resistant
  • Patrick Swayze auditioned unsuccessfully for the role of Gaston…
  • Egyptian (on beauty)
  • Biotique Bio Carrot SPF 40 Sunscreen

You then want to proceed to scrape the product from its original pot into the new one. I added my glitter then. I didn’t want to overload and risk drying out the gel. I simply filled the tiny hole to the left of the container and thinly covered the very best.

Now, mix the merchandise thoroughly; You do not want any glitter clumps bursting when you put this on your eye! You also don’t want it clumpy in general- make sure you obtain it as smooth as you can. These are both swatches of the products. The one on the still left is the new blend, and the one on the right is the old. Thanks so much for examining this post away! There will more to come definitely. If you want this type of DIY make-up, leave a comment below and let me know if you would like to see more of it. Also, if any tips are had by you for DIY eye shadows let me know in the comments below!

I believe this base will suit those with dried out or normal pores and skin as it’ll make the skin glowy. Is it possible to see that my face begins to oil up? I don’t elegant oily face though. I would like to give thanks to Givenchy for the lovely makeover. This is one of the makeovers, which I am pleased with albeit the “oily” result. Maybe they have oil-control base and the make-up artist did not pick that for me.

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