Magnesium For Skin Care

Magnesium is the fourth most prevalent mineral found in cells, after calcium mineral, phosphorous and potassium. It fosters good health by regulating blood circulation pressure, lowering the risk of coronary disease, preventing migraines and reducing menstrual cramps. But magnesium isn’t only for taking treatment of what’s inside your body. This powerhouse nutrient is also essential for keeping your pores and skin carrying out at its best. Enzymes that regulate DNA repair and replication need the antioxidant power of magnesium to do their job.

Without it, your skin is at the mercy of a host of wrinkle-producing malefactors such as free radical damage and swelling. The book “The Magnesium Miracle” cites a report showing that skin cells grown without magnesium were doubly more likely to suffer attacks from free radicals. Without DNA repair and with continued onslaught from pesky free radicals, it’s only a matter of time before fine lines and lines and wrinkles begin showing up. Eczema is usually a indication of the magnesium insufficiency. When magnesium levels are low, the physical body begins to produce histamines. Histamine creates itchy skin and red blotches, which is caused by bloating blood vessels leaking fluid in to the tissue and skin.

Along with histamine creation, magnesium insufficiency results in lower degrees of fatty acids on the skin also. This reduces dampness and elasticity and creates the perfect condition for dryness and inflammation. In the 2007 study cited in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,” magnesium was found out to help reduce inflammation caused by an excess amount of C-reactive E-selectin and protein.

E-selectin is produced when pores and skin sustains any kind of injury, including those created by acne-causing bacteria invading your skin. The existence of E-selectin results in acne inflammation. Magnesium reduces E-selectin’s results and stops the inflammation. Magnesium supplements are readily available at any health food or supermarket. If you like to get your nutrients straight from the source, make dark, leafy vegetables — such as kale and spinach — part of your daily foods. Brazil nuts, and pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Mangoes, bananas and watermelons will satisfy both your sweet tooth and your magnesium needs. However you choose to indulge in magnesium-rich foods, understand that raw or steamed is most beneficial; much temperature can reduce the magnesium vitality of foods too.

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