Make THE VERY BEST Of Your Nest 1

Make THE VERY BEST Of Your Nest

This season as your son or daughter mind off to college, plan to be considered a more significant part of his or her academic life. Your child may disappear for many hours every week, but with just a little thought, and some help from Heritage Makers, day you can be an important presence DURING the school.

Ensure your son or daughter feels cherished, make learning more fun, strengthen his / her bonds with others and preserve as many valuable school memories as you can. Here are some suggestions to get you started. If you took the normal photos of their latest haircuts, this year’s teacher or their school clothes and backpacks; don’t wait before the end of the institution year showing off your photos.

A few weeks to a college child feels as though years. Make scrap web pages and smaller tasks for your younger children and commemorate them early and frequently. More frequent support shall help them see college as something your loved one’s beliefs. Templates that work very well for back-to-school topics include “Pre-School Girl, day of Kindergarten” and “First,” both by Michelle Bedard; along with “Maya’s Haircut” by Cynthia Coulon, and “1st Day of School” by Gina Brock.

Take the chance to be there in your child’s life every school day by tucking a customized playing card into each child’s lunch or backpack. Tell a joke, affirm their worth, or cause them to become do their best by using “Lunch Box Love Notes,” by Jennifer Stratton; “Lunch Joke Cards,” by Cynthia Coulon or “Big Kid Lunch Notes,” by Kari Pieratt.

It’s like sending a hug to college with them! Day Prepare for the spotlight. Most classes for younger kids feature each young one at least once through the year. Collaborate with your children. Interview them and have them help choose facts and photos because of their very own poster. Cynthia Coulon designed 18 x 24 poster templates for just this purpose, “School Girl Spotlight Poster,” and “School Boy Spotlight Poster.” Or, use other posters in the Template Gallery as a base for such spotlights. If YOU research your options, you can showcase your child with style! Building relationships with classmates is a big part of the school experience.

Be sure to take photos of your son or daughter with the friends you’ve come to know as faithful and supportive. This is a subtle but effective tool to improve the need for peers that encourage your son or daughter to be his or her best. Use the photos to make significant presents for such friends or make copies of your scrap web pages for them. Good 12 x 12 scrap web page templates to begin with include “BFFs,” by Michelle Bedard; “School BFF,” by Deanna Payne & Shanna Vineyard; “School Friends,” by Cynthia Coulon and “Sports Day,” by Michelle Bedard also. Other Heritage Maker products that facilitate friendships are our “play-date cards.” These are created from playing or business card sets.

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Use the cards to begin the plans for a visit from a friend. Two playing cards “play time cards” are shown here. The top of the first is from Tanya Sadal and called “Boy Dinosaur Play Date Cards.” The main one below is “Space Playdate Cards,” by Kristen Melnyk. Boost your child’s skills and encourage competency by using playing cards decks as learning aids. There are many already in the template gallery.

If you will need something different, change a template to fit your child’s needs simply. “Savannah’s Grade 1 Sight Words,” by Heidi Jackson is a good one, so is “Sight Words,” by Luci Fortune and “HM Pre-School Flash Cards,” by Roxanne Buchholz. If your child writes, be certain his or her writing is prompted and honored. Roxanne Buchholz has wonderful 11 x 14 print themes you can use for poetry or writing.

In four colors, designated by season, the ones shown here are “HM Poetry Poster – Summer” and “HM Poetry Poster – Fall.” a sport or artwork is where she shines Perhaps. Reward perseverance and hard work anywhere you find it by searching the Template Gallery for ways to document and promote it.