Hear From Financial Bloggers Live At Investors Exchange 2019 1

Hear From Financial Bloggers Live At Investors Exchange 2019

The financial blogging community is not just a very big one in Singapore. Most of us do know one another in real life. This year, you’ll have the chance to hear from some of the financial bloggers where they’ll share about how they make investments in their personal money and their trip to achieve financial independence.

My friends at BIGScribe is back with another edition of Investors exchange. Year Last, there was one and it was a sold-out event. This year, it is being made by them different. Investors exchange 2018 will feature only bloggers who walk the talk by investing their own money. Stanley is currently the principle editor of Value Invest Asia. During the period of his career, he has written near to 2000 articles online, on investment education and market analysis.

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Stanley is the co-writer of the Asia-focused investment book: “Value Investing In Asia”. He’ll be posting about “Spotting growth stocks in today’s market”. James Yeo is the creator of Small Cap Asia, where he and his team aspire to help investors get the best offers out of their investments. He is a financial analyst by job and focuses on growth trading through small-cap shares. Brian is the writer behind foreverfinancialfreedom.

He happens to be pursuing his selection of financial freedom and he has a passion for dividend trading and loves journeying regarding his family. I’ve known Brian for quite a few years now since I began blogging. His blog has been a lot longer than mine around. His strategy on dividend investing is definitely a good one as he himself has been able to achieve a dividend income greater than 5 figures annually. He will be revealing “The Evolution of Dividend Strategy” and give you a look to his current portfolio as well as enable you to get through real-life stock case studies.

Rusmin is the co-founder from the Fifth Person, and the co-author of the book ‘Value Investing in Growth Companies’. He had been presented on Channel News Asia and 938 Live multiple times for his views and opinions on how to get successfully in the currency markets. The Fifth Person must not be an unfamiliar name in the financial blogging world.

Ruskin is a right down to earth guy who really gets the passion for trading. I was able to meet and talked to him in one of SGX’s supper event only a few months back again. He has picked up quite a few shares successfully and I really believe his investing method works. He’ll reveal: WAYS TO Build A Consistent Stream Of Passive Income and Maximize Your Dividends with Stock Investing.