Remember When A Brow Was Experienced By Me Moment? 1

Remember When A Brow Was Experienced By Me Moment?

I recently did a whole overhaul of my makeup, most of my new favorite products are connected above. I am a VIB insider at Sephora, and with that regular membership, you get a free of charge 45-minute makeover and 10% off your purchase that day. I had developed just had my first visit to the dermatologist because I had been breaking away and I put to throw a lot of my constitutes away.

I have always experienced almost perfect skin. As it happens my makeup and skincare regimen was the reason. My makeup designer, Colleen, was the best. I earned the makeup I already experienced and told her what I liked and didn’t like. I then explained to her, which I needed only makeup that was non-comedogenic. I’d use on a day-to-day basis, but that was the area of the fun! See tomorrow’s post for more information!

Well, if you have a tendency to break out, it’s likely that, it is because your makeup is clogging your skin pores. Non-comedogenic makeup doesn’t contain pore-clogging ingredients, so it is way better for your skin layer. I also learned that washing that person with an acne wash is definitely not the best. I turned to plain old Neutrogena water soap and it has recently made a world of a difference. Additionally it is important to notice that things like primers contain silicone, which is something that clogs pores.

It is best to only use primer when absolutely necessary. I switched to Tarte for face makeup. Tarte is all natural and non-comedogenic. For concealer, I have the Smashbox Camera Ready concealer and the YSL Touche Eclat. 40ish price. I have already been neglecting to even use any concealer (except for under my eyes) because my skin has become so clear and healthy in only days gone by week. 10 and I swear it is the best. I used to use Maybeline but they discontinued my favorite therefore I made a change and fell deeply in love with L’Oreal Voluminous False Fiber mascara. I wear eyeshadow, so it was a great treat never! Remember, after I had a brow moment?

Well, Smashbox has taken care of my brows and I am SO obsessed. Seriously, the product makes my boring brows look model-esque. I also added some lip colors into my repertoire, I keep both in my bag. The YSL red for when I’m sense vivid and the Nars Autumn Leaves for a natural, warm tone.

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I also keep a retractable lip clean in my handbag for a program of shiny reds because they’re so hard to apply with just the stay. Apologies for the book of the post, but I just had to share all of my new-found makeup knowledge! I’m thinking this might be a great way to do a VLOG without feeling silly– an everyday makeup tutorial. Because we all know, my original Vlogging intentions occurred.

While lemon juice offers natural cleaning and bleaching benefits, aloe vera juice helps brighten the skin color and exfoliates the damaged and inactive cells. The lactic acid present in curd gives it mild bleaching properties that also help lighten your skin. Cucumber helps cool and calm your skin, while reducing any observable symptoms of itching, irritation, or redness.