Boris Johnson Is Warned Not To Embrace No Deal Or Risk Splitting Union 1

Boris Johnson Is Warned Not To Embrace No Deal Or Risk Splitting Union

Tory command frontrunner Boris Johnson has been warned a No Deal Brexit would gas nationalism in Scotland and risk the continuing future of the union. Scottish Secretary David Mundell gave the former London Mayor a ‘thinly-veilled caution’ claiming Nicola Sturgeon would welcome the situation with ‘unseemly glee’. Mr Mundell said Scotland’s First Minister wished to take advantage of such a Brexit because her ‘true priority is self-reliance’ and would use No Deal to attain it.

Writing in The Observer, he said: ‘She poses as a defender of devolution while wanting to destroy it. She seizes on the issues of departing the EU with unseemly glee. But it is simple to see why. A hard no-deal Brexit wouldn’t normally only damage our economy, it could fuel nationalist claims of the UK that is insensitive to Scotland’s needs. It comes as the paper claims a group of Tories are finding your way through a struggle with Mr Johnson over fears they might be ‘locked out’ of Parliament in October when the Brexit deadline ends should he be prime minister.

Share Mr Johnson has refused to rule out suspending Parliament but said he did not think it was ‘necessary’. It comes as MPs opposing Mr Johnson have stated ‘radicalised’ users have ‘entered the land of make believe’ by throwing their support behind him. One MP told the paper: ‘Two thirds of people seem to welcome no deal and two thirds of the united states is against it.

Our associates need to appreciate it’s the country that will come back the Conservatives to federal government, or Jeremy Corbyn. The extremes seem to be keeping all levers. It comes as sources within Mr Johnson’s team say he could make a ‘vivid and credible offer’ to Brussels to suspend a ‘cliff-edge’ leave if fresh talks broke down prior to the October 31 deadline.

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That would allow the new Prime Minister to declare that he had not reneged on his guarantee to provide Brexit by the deadline, but would spare him the potential constitutional and logistical chaos of a No Deal scenario. Mr Johnson was last week forced to admit his ‘standstill’ Brexit plan under Article 24 of World Trade Organisation rules cannot be implemented unilaterally by Britain. The guidelines state that trading companions ‘may protract their existing agreements until such time as they have completed the new free trade agreement’ but consent is required from both sides.

Mr Johnson has also pledged to use that money to help mitigate the effects of a No Deal leave as well as honour expensive pledges to increase law enforcement and schools financing. Evening Speaking at a hustings in Cardiff last, Mr Johnson added the UK ‘could flourish’ in the ‘improbable eventuality’ of the No Deal Brexit. The Conservative leadership applicant said: ‘When business knows that there is a problem arriving for a long time, or a concern that needs to be attended to for a long time, you find that business people take steps to ready. He added: ‘It is essential that our European friends look us in the eye and know that people are determined to take action.

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