Types of Pallet Rack Protectors 1

Types of Pallet Rack Protectors

There are many types of pallet rack protectors. These range from Column guards to Wire mesh and from plastic to steel. Read on to discover more. These are the benefits of each type. To find the best option for your business, read this article! Here are four methods to protect pallet racks. They will ensure your warehouse is safe for employees, customers and the public alike! You can prevent damage by purchasing protective equipment to protect your pallet racks against accidents. If you have just about any queries relating to in which and how you can utilize pallet rack column protectors, it is possible to call us from our own page.

Column guards

If you are using a forklift to move products and inventory, you should invest in column guards for pallet racks. These protective devices can also be called post protectors or frame guards. They protect the column base from damage, which can lead to structural collapse. Furthermore, damaged uprights can damage vehicles, inventory, and people. Column guards are a cost-effective way to protect the uprights from damage and keep them from being replaced.

Wire mesh

Using Wire Mesh Pallet Rack Protectors is a good idea for securing your pallet racks. They prevent items from falling, Recommended Reading ensuring the safety of your employees and inventory. These protective panels attach using spacer dips to pallet racks. They are made from sturdy, 8-gauge, Recommended Reading welded mesh and have yellow polyurethane coating. They provide fall protection and help to prevent product loss.


Use plastic pallet rack protectors to protect the uprights of pallet racking and to prevent costly damage. These low-cost, durable products are attached to the floor using yellow, industrial-grade, plastic. They’re simple to install and won’t damage the warehouse floor. They will protect the legs and rack posts of light- and medium-duty racks.


Rhinorails steel pallet rack upright protectors offer a flexible solution to protecting uprights. Available in single-ended and double-ended designs, these guards protect uprights from impact and corrosion. These guards are available in various sizes and fit perfectly into pallet rack corners. They also offer an economical way to prevent damage to rack structures. They protect warehouse personnel against falling rack structures.

Guide rails

Guide rails for pallet racking are modular units that help forklifts steer away from the racking. They feature steel angle guards 3″ x 4″ and a 3/8″ thickness, and are available in several colors and lengths. Rack Guide Rails may be placed 24 inches apart. They can also be attached to the ground using floor anchors. Guide rails will not hold the rack up, but they can provide support to the uprights.

Cross ties

Although pallet racks are strong, their upright columns require protection from falling materials. You can purchase cross ties to protect your pallet rack protectors. These are inexpensive and easily replaceable options that will help preserve your pallet racks’ integrity. They can be used in the lateral section to protect your lower pallet racks. The end frames of the pallet racks usually have side protectors, which protect the lower lateral sections of your pallet racking system.

Types of Pallet Rack Protectors 2


Cogan pallet rack protections are a great option to protect sensitive racks from warehouse traffic and avoid collision damage. These rack guards are made from durable steel and powder-coated safety yellow paint, and they are available in three convenient sizes. They’re available in stock, and custom orders are no problem. These rack guards can help you avoid costly repairs by preventing racking collision damage. Cogan rack protectors are used to protect uprights, posts and other parts of a pallet racking.

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