Assets Tokenization Is The Future Of Investment Banking

How can the true economy companies make the most of the crypto trend to attract investments to be able to grow the existing business faster? Globally, it is one of the main questions for traders. The classical fund world has undoubtedly transformed after the appearance of the Bitcoin. There is no real in the past.

Assets tokenization with the Smartlands Platform provides a group of opportunities and benefits for real overall economy companies. We are developing a real way of transforming of the real-world property into the digital ones. The Smartlands Platform provides a chance to invest your cash in digitized assets of a real financial sector and get a simple tractable profit.

On the one hand, we help companies to tokenize their assets and on the other hands, we help traders who want to get higher profits taking reasonable dangers. Thus, we will connect companies with legitimately compliant tokens collateralized by assets and traders from all over the globe securely. It’s your decision – to be among the former or the latter.

Challenges of attracting investments for real-economy companies lay in a complicated, time-consuming, and costly process of attracting investments by using traditional financial tools. As a result of the difficulty of the process, a lot of attractive investment opportunities are not funded and an income is lost. Smartlands Platform considers an opportunity to make asset-backed tokens (ABT) a new financial instrument capable of disrupting financial markets and increasing the efficiency of raising capital for the true economy companies. ABT designed by the Smartlands Platform can be thought to be significantly modified and improved asset-backed securities (ABS) that nicely participate in all real economy assets. What exactly are the benefits for investors and companies?

To tokenize your possessions you need to go through the registration process at our Platform. After making sure that you meet all certain requirements, after a collateralization and audit, you’ll be ready to issue your own ABT (asset-backed tokens) and entice new investors by offering them on exchanges. We will help you take care of all the techniques and achieve your last goal.

To invest your cash in already released ABT you will need to join up at our Platform, proceed through KYC techniques and get your own blockchain budget. The idea is based on the creation of a new course of low-risk tokens based on real economy assets. It will change the complete efficient frontier of the crypto-investment portfolios and increase the expected yield for each level of risk. Advanced monitoring techniques with IoT, big data, AI, drones/robots for enhanced transparency. Leave old-school customs behind and think out of the container by investing or attracting investments by digitizing your resources.

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