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Teaching Zumba can be considered an intimidating task. Even for the seasoned fitness instructor is can be a little overwhelming. I understand a few really, really, amazing fitness trainers who took the training but decided they didn’t want to teach Zumba because they found it too tense. The nice thing about teaching a normal fitness course (kickboxing, step, aerobics, etc.) is you may make it up as you go along totally.

If something isn’t working you can certainly change it on the travel, you can use any fitness music (presuming it is the proper tempo for the class you are teaching) and you don’t need to have strong musicality skills. Zumba is a different type of beast, and ideally, these methods for new Zumba instructors shall be helpful when preparing to teach your first Zumba class!

I really can’t stress this enough. Understand that song and out inside. Pay attention to it until every bit is known by you of it. Are there any pauses, or “quirks” within the song where you must do something different or special? Does the Melody repeat each time or does the sequence vary throughout the tune predictably?

Do you know exactly when the music is going to end? Believe me, if you don’t know your music, your individuals will know. Live, inhale and exhale and sleep your music. I pay attention to Zumba music constantly in the car, I’ll choose several songs I wish to memorize and pay attention to them again, and again until I know them. When you begin out first, make an effort to choose as much easy songs as you possibly can. What do I mean by easy music? They may be those tracks that repeat predictably and don’t have many “quirks” or pauses. Part two of keeping it simple – your choreography.

Especially if you are starting your own class and will have many individuals that are not used to Zumba. Keep your choreography simple to allow your participants to be able to learn the steps. More keep it easy to make it easier on yourself significantly. Even though you are team teaching in support of teaching 4 songs your first class, that is still too much to remember if you are starting out.

Keep it simple. Keep it clean, don’t try to be fancy. There’s a time for extravagant footwork and your first couple of months of teaching isn’t it. When you have access to pre-choreographed routines (if you are a ZIN member) – use them. I find the live version is commonly more simplistic than the main one on one but know that even still you can simplify the choreography further. Look for a song you prefer, watch both decide and versions that you like or which elements of each you like and create a schedule.

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Creating routines by yourself when getting started is another stressful and aggravating job you don’t need to cope with. In the event that you don’t think you have any musicality you will need to review music. Learn how to get the downbeat and phrases within music. For many this comes naturally, but if it doesn’t come naturally for you it is something you will need to learn.

Participants instinctively want to move on the downbeat, they might not know that’s what they are doing, but they shall see it seems incorrect if you aren’t on the defeat. Instructors who follow the phrasing and the downbeat are much easier to follow – and because of this tend to be more popular than those who don’t. I’ve said it before and I’ll continue saying it until something changes.