Event Delivery Network With Oracle SOA Suite 11g

Drag-and-drop a Mediator element on to the composite. 2. Name the mediator receiveNewPO. 3. Select Sign up to Events for the Template. Select the NewPO event from the function Chooser window. 5. Select OK to simply accept and create the mediator. 8. Double-click on the receiveNewPO mediator and define a new change map.

In the transformation-map, map of the all the fields from the source to the prospective. 9. Close the mediator and save all. 1. Deploy the POProcessing composite to the server. 2. Browse to the EM console at http://localhost:7001/em. 4. Select item Business Events. 6. Select the event and go through the Test…button to create the event.

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8. You should get a FUNCTION published successfully” warning. 9. Select to-infra in the navigation panel on the left to get the so-infra dashboard. 10. Click on the POProcessing composite to view new instances. You should see an example designed for digesting the event you just published. Click on the instance ID to view the flow trace. This is just one single way of submitting an event and will typically be used as away to check the composite. EVENT stored function or from a Java course using the EDNAPI. An ADF-BC application can also post events predicated on database insert, upgrade, and delete operations.

You may not build comprehensive SOA applications without business occasions. Traditionally, this requirement has been satisfied by message-oriented-middleware (MOM). However, MOM-based solutions don’t always fit very well within a service-oriented architecture. They are low-level technical solutions offering no business semantics, whereas one of the main objectives of creating services is to provide business functions using semantics that are better realized by business experts. As you have observed in this brief lab, events are manufactured in away that directly maps to actual business events, in this full-case creation of a fresh purchase order. The procedure of signing up to the event was done and never have to configure any messaging queues or topics declaratively.

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