Moody’s Analytics: PH GDP Grew 6.2% In Q2

MANILA, Philippines-The research arm of debts watcher Moody’s was more positive about the Philippines’ second-quarter economic development, which is projected at 6.2 percent year-on-year. “There’s some downside risk associated with this forecast, given the ongoing strength in imports against a backdrop of weakened exports. However, many of these economists see second-quarter GDP expansion staying below 6 percent also, due mainly to under spending on public goods and services that persisted during the first half. “That’s P1 billion a day” of understanding, Finance Secretary Carlos G. Dominguez III noted.

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It is often unethical (or even unlawful) methods that are the primary contributors to situations like these. Discuss an example when you’d to make an ethical decision – what do you take into consideration? How do you finally decide? They are insights into how you work and the actual firm can get from you in tough situations. 6. Why should we hire you?

Be ready for this one. Be self-confident but not sticky. Highlight that you will be the right candidate because you can strike the ground running and are flexible enough to move with the changing environment. The primary competencies essential to an investment banking profession are: problem solving capability, professional attitude with a willingness to adapt and remain versatile, communication, and leadership abilities, resourcefulness, and the drive to succeed.

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7. If you are not working, what now ?? Investment banking careers involve extended hours and a lot of hard work – there are simply no two ways about it. That will not mean that firms want to hire people without a personality and other interests beyond work.

Highlight activities you enjoy that demonstrate risk taking, recharging, and an outgoing personality. Let your personal life reveals what investment bank firms want for. 8. How much do you read? What do you read? 9. Do you learn more from failure or success? Your attitude toward both success and failure may be the difference in identifying whether or not you get an investment-banking job offer. Deals flop, it’s part of the investment bank game. Discussing how you do a quick post mortem and lessons learned conversation, move on to the next deal is the best approach then.