One’s BLOGGING Audience Of Two?

I needed to take almost fourteen days off in early-mid July and only just now really feedback in the saddle, back up to my earlier fitness level. I may have surpassed it but to tell the truth even, climbing out of this fitness deficit wasn’t easy! What happened is that I went on a five-day hike in the Presidential Mountains with my dad, his brother, and his brother’s wife. It had been a good hike and very challenging at times, but it’s wasn’t like redlining it on the bicycle, foot, or in the pool–very steady-state, slow-moving type of work. I reasoned that the fact that we were heading 8 hours a day would keep my fitness up.

But it’s that old SAID basic principle: Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands. Following the hike Heidi and Kate and I were away in New England for a few days still, basically hanging out, though I did get in a nice lake swim–maybe 3/4 mile or so? Hard to state. Fun to do, and my first experience where, hey, if I don’t make it across, I could actually DROWN! Or I possibly could get shredded by a passing motorboat, which there have been many. But I experienced down my anxieties, left my children on the beach for an impromptu workout.

Took it slow and did just fine, actually–probably required me about 25 minutes, if that. Took a break on the much shore, going out on some wealthy guy dock/waterslide/diving board float while I captured my breath between efforts. Swam back again and became a member of my children, who hadn’t seen my Armstrongian efforts and hardly observed I was gone.

  • 2 years back from Essex, UK
  • Lap Gastric Bypass
  • Striiv Play
  • Most significantly, being healthy doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket any more
  • Spend a few momemts every day visualizing this success
  • Low Carb Veggies
  • Align your carb consumption with your bodyweight goals and activity levels
  • Starting Weight FAQs

I digress. Not too much in the way of training for 14 days almost. Then returned and foolishly dove back into the full 9 workouts weekly. Well, NO. I didn’t really hurt myself, but it could have been a much smoother transition back to my full workout golf swing if I’d raised it up gradually. Welcome to the beautiful world of good sense, Mr. Heffernan, so pleased you could sign up for us. A lot of people brag to spouses about their achievements out there on their bikes, in the pool, by walking? Okay, I do that, too–I mean, who else will listen?

Who else is one able to legitimately BRAG to? One’s BLOGGING audience of two? So I brag to Kate. Anyway–more digressions. What really impresses Heidi (and Kate, too, probably) are the days while I show the restraint. When I get back and say I only ran two also. Or didn’t break 15 mph on the bicycle. Or simply decided NOT to work out. That’s when Heidi’s REALLY impressed.

Last week also got together with the TriClub again. What a terrific number. Wow, : Eric, Jim, Kirk, Diane, Joseph, and two other men whose brands I never discovered (nice journalism skills there) all have there been, and there is much good cheer to be had among most of us. Also met a man named Fernando who experienced a Softride bicycle and a fairly good running pace, though I finally got him by the end. It wasn’t altogether fair, however: I was volunteering that day and was held up on the run start by chaperoning some campers to the bathroom.