Quilting At Windmills

No information has been posted in the blog for quite a while – due to the fact the main blogger (Brooke) has already established another in your free time job besides helping at the Quilt Frame Company. In regards to a month ago It became time to retire from that job, so now I’ve more time to assemble thoughts and get photos ready for blog posts. Of year This time, I am considering traditions and wished to share one from John’s family; baking honey cake. It has been a remarkable process to watch over the entire years. John’s mother was a phenomenal cook.

She and her children, including John, made several special Christmas cookies, including honey cake. Early in December because it gets better with healing John and his sisters continue to make honey wedding cake. So two weekends ago, they made honey cake – it can be an all day long process with measuring and mixing, dough chilling, rolling out, baking and making the thin candied icing.

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It is stored in stoneware crocks at the house and we haven’t consumed too many of them, honest. Here are some pictures! Another bit of news is that Kate and John are both teaching at the street to California Show and Conference in Ontario California in January. This is a great show plus they will be vending also.

Here is a link for an interview with John and Kate about their working romantic relationship; funny kinda! Thanks for taking time to learn this website post and we all wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or you commemorate this happy season however! Most of all you are wished by us Peacefulness.

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