Silver Age Comics As Long Term Comic Investments?

There’s without doubt that many news headlines of Sterling silver age group comic books offering for over six figure digits have demonstrated that silver-age comic books are best for long-term investments. However, this depends greatly on various factors as well also. Not everyone who plays the comic investing game will strike it rich, just like not everyone who plays the currency markets is going to strike it rich either. Nevertheless, you may make really wise choices as it pertains to comic investments in the silver precious metal age period of comics.

This is going to be an extended post. If you are really interested in investing in magic age group comics then that shouldn’t be a problem. In the end, you’ll need to learn as much as you can concerning this market before you drop a dime in comic trading. This is especially true if you don’t know much about comics to start with.

So let’s start off with some proof of how certain comic books have valued throughout the years. Okay, let’s start off with a little of understanding of the silver age group of comics. The silver age of comics are those comic books which were published roughly around 1956 to circa 1970. Those times will be the most popular and many in the comic community argument about these dates.

We’re not going to get into that. For simpleness, we’ll just adhere to the most adhered to dates. There’s an incredible section that illustrates the 1970 prices vs. Now many of the comics detailed in this section were created before 1970, but this goes to demonstrate how many comics have increased since then just. 16 at a NM price.

6 in 1970, which is 7 years after the comic arrived. 15,000. Not bad, right? 1 (1962) 1st appearance of The Hulk. 14 for a NM copy of the comic book. Okay, there’s a few examples of how comics through the silver age has increased in value from 1970 prices to the whopping prices they may be today.

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It must be mentioned that there are certain factors why these comics have increased in value, and why these are in demand comics to purchase. If you notice closely the comics I did list have similar characteristics. Yes, those comics in the above list are highly sought out key issues. They aren’t common issues.

Not to state that common issues can’t be valuable. Some are. The majority are not. Most key issues from the silver age are going to be a little costly. Today Silver age comics in NM quality are extremely RARE to find! They are the pedigrees, and most are CGC graded to authenticate it’s grade. Even a low NM is an extremely hard to capture, and will cost a lot because of that known truth. More prevalent are lower grade books, but even those are getting up there in cost as well. 15 (1st appearance of Spider-Man), I’ll utilize it again because of this example.