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Amazon’s site helps, since they provide ‘sneak peaks’ into many of their on-line books, however typically these peaks aren’t sufficient. Reading the opinions additionally helps, but most of the time the positive opinions don’t tell me much in any other case than the fact that someone loved it (the ‘unhealthy’ opinions often tell me rather more!).

So I’m going to start out posting about aromatherapy/natural skin care/pure household/herbalism and so forth book opinions. I’ve finished a couple of “mini” aromatherapy/miy ebook evaluations previously, but I’ll make sure you blog about each book in depth! I’ve 30-40 or so books in my assortment so it’s probably going to take me some time to get via all of them, particularly since I plan to keep blogging about other things too! This was certainly one of the first aromatherapy books I obtained, and i still use and adore it. Aside from the standard well-identified makes use of of aromatherapy (skin care and medicinal/psychological), another use of aromatherapy is the use of pure fragrances (important oils) in spiritual issues.

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Though I’ve read other aromatherapy and herbal books that present some details about spiritual makes use of of important oils and herbs, I have never found one other e-book quite like this one. Chapter 1 begins with a couple of of Cunningham’s thoughts as regards to aromatherapy and magic. He defines magic as ‘the motion of refined pure energies to manifest needed change’ (p. His concept of magic is just like what other personal and spiritual growth authors have additionally described as visualization, and also just like meditation or prayers utilized in religion. In Chapter 2 he describes using natural fragrance for spiritual matters in cultures throughout the world.

Among the cultures he describes are the Egyptians, Native Americans, and the Greek and Romans. I think this chapter is very fascinating however it’s it way too brief! Though he describes some cultures in depth, he only briefly mentions (in a single sentence) that scent has additionally been used in other locations such as Asia and Africa, however doesn’t go into element about any of those cultures. Chapter 3 briefly lists fresh and dried plants that you may want to develop. Very brief chapter that mainly lists which herbs are better used as contemporary versus dried. Chapter four is about important oils.

While this chapter is also brief, it is filled with useful information. He describes the distinction between synthetic versus natural important oils in a straightforward to grasp manner, and the importance of using natural essential oils instead of artificial. There can also be a comparative chart of important oil prices. Though this ebook was written in 1993, with the exception of some oils, this very useful chart is still fairly correct in terms of costs for essential oils. Chapter 5 is on methods and methods. He lists a number of inhalation strategies and describes examples of how visualization can be utilized.

Part 2 is titled “the aromas”. This is the bulk and most necessary a part of the ebook. I really like this part especially the lore sections! The herbs are listed in alphabetical order, making them easy to find. Part three consists of tables. The primary table is a desk on herbs used for particular magical/spiritual issues.