Fitness Frenzy, Mega Gyms Highlight Lucrative Industry In Roseville 1

Fitness Frenzy, Mega Gyms Highlight Lucrative Industry In Roseville

50 million Villa Sport Athletic Club and Spa, which are so big it can be seen by commuters traveling along Highway 65, is set to carry a weekend open up house preview in Roseville. When it opens, Villa Sport will join a crowded and competitive fitness market. You will find seven other large already, chain gyms and fitness centers within a two-mile radius of the new facility. Wayne Wiley, Roseville’s Economic Development Department.

29 million per year in fitness center sales and memberships, Wiley said. Friday Villa Sport has a formal grand starting ribbon-cutting planned for next. However, this weekend the facility is advertising an open house preview. Villa Sport declined a request to tour the facility. Size: 130,000 sq. ft. HAVE A LOOK AT KCRA: Stay informed. Get the latest Modesto, Sacramento, and Stockton information and weather from the KCRA information team.

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