How To Receive Multiple Job Offers After Youre Fired 1

How To Receive Multiple Job Offers After Youre Fired

The more you make an effort to maintain control, the less you really are…in life and at the job. You merely got terminated and you also think its the end of the world. You’re looking at the incorrect end. Ask survivors of the very most popular reality television shows and they’ll let you know “If you have to consume a stickroach, don’t spend enough time thinking about it too. ” Keep focused on the move and end-game on.

Know yourself, have an idea, make a footprint. After you’re terminated, the fresh power had a need to convert employment loss into a high-voltage catalyst that increases multiple job offers is remarkably simple. Where are you heading? What can you do? “Getting terminated is a lot like getting divorced,” says Steve Johnson, Vice President of Information Systems for R. L. Stevens & Associates Inc., a respected international profession marketing company headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts.

“All you listen to is ‘I don’t want you any longer,” he says. Own your success as well as your failures. When he was terminated from a multi-billion-dollar petroleum company in his profession earlier, discernment offered Johnson, a business-world veteran, the inner strength to get up and get on rather than rolling over and playing dead. Despite an impressive portfolio of documented achievements that solidly contributed to the bottom line through process reengineering, he was still let go.

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His stellar performance though appreciated was undervalued by his employers. Johnson made sure that this unforeseen event did not end his profession or dampen his spirits. Contain the wisdom to know the difference between opportunity lost and probability found. Johnson, a devoted golfer, expertly swung himself out of his job reduction bunker and found customers wanting his talents by taking the same approach in his job search as he will in his sport.

“Getting fired is similar to an awful day on the course. You’ve got to stay in the game, play the holes, and adapt, overcome, and improvise,” he says. “Every time a negative thing occurred in my career, I always got on my feet and good fortune proliferated through increased profits, better fulfillment, and extended chance to learn new skills.

Using multiple profession marketing strategies simultaneously, I made sure that failing was never a choice,” he added. Quickly create opportunities for yourself by changing your mental and physical condition. Want to deactivate your fears? Want to reactivate your self-confidence? Change your focus from retribution to restoration and you’ll find the main element to layoff success and increased employer interest. Swallow your pride and take control of your career by morphing yourself into a visor.