Sri Lanka's Etisalat Spends $163mn On Expansion And 3G Upgrade 1

Sri Lanka’s Etisalat Spends $163mn On Expansion And 3G Upgrade

Sri Lanka’s Etisalat device said it was spending 163 million US dollars to broaden its network into war ravaged north of the united states and improve its broadband services in cities. The expansion will see 480 new base stations taking the full total to 1580, which the company says will be the largest in the island. We are virtually a debt-free company,’ deputy chief executive Riyaz Rasheed said. The firm said its subscriber base was close to 3 now.0 million. Sri Lanka’s Bharti Airtel device has petitioned courts within the move. Sri Lanka’s 15 million-subscriber market is shared between Dialog Axiata, Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel, Airtel, Etisalat, and Hutch.

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The concrete industry is likely to continue the development trajectory for long-term because government pressing infrastructure development at full stretch. In the recent past Tyre sector has shown good momentum in conjunction with low priced of silicone and improvement in vehicle demand. Kesoram Industries at cmp 144 is providing very good investment opportunity for mid to long term.

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