Traveling With Makeup 1

Traveling With Makeup

What kind of a trip is it? What you may need for a vacation depends on where you’re going, what you’re doing, and how long you’re choosing. For instance, if you’re primarily going to be outdoors, or underwater, perhaps you won’t need much, if any, but if you were heading to a more formal occasion, you might want a full arsenal of your favorites. Cold weather may dictate favoring certain products, while hot and humid weather will have you looking for your longer-wearing favorites.

What will you wear? I love to determine what clothes I’m getting first, and then I’ll assess what kind of makeup I’m more likely to wish to accomplish with those clothes (plus, considering what I’ll be doing or where I’m going). This helps me guide my choices rather than bringing everything, and minimize bringing things I won’t use.

Are you examining a bag, holding on, or heading by a less restrictive method of travel? Depending on how you travel, you may want to be more minimalist or you really could bring everything however the kitchen sink (this always happens easily travel by car!). When journeying with a carry-on, you’ll have to get worried about meeting current liquid restrictions and appropriate everything in a quart-sized bag, which can get challenging as it offers things like creams, creams, gloss, mascara, basis, and so on. I admit that whenever I travel, I often impose on my husband’s part-sized handbag to get everything to fit!

Another option is to buy smaller, clear travel containers and take only the amount of moisturizer you may want or to put a week’s worthy of foundation in a sample jar, rather than taking an entire container. This is also a great idea for your favorite perfume; I usually try to grab sample sizes in my favorite scents when they’re designed for free when you make a purchase at Nordstrom or Sephora.

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How you travel could also determine how securely you will need to pack your makeup, as checking a handbag will require better securing and padding to minimize moving in your luggage. I like to put anything fragile sandwiched between softer items, rather than sitting on the sides of luggage, so if something sits onto it, it doesn’t get the immediate impact and the clothes around it can help absorb that impact.

You can also lay the foam, bubble covers, or cells over-powder products (like a freestyle eyeshadow palette) to prevent motion and loosening while in transit. You’ll want to avoid keeping too many glass containers next to each other, and if any pumps are had by you, a little tape can secure them set up which means you don’t open up your bag to chaos.