Kat Von D Makeup Collection 1

Kat Von D Makeup Collection

ABOUT US If you wanna know who Kat Von D Beauty is, all you gotta do is look in the mirror. We’re artistry for people, by the people, powered by a long lasting, high pigment, cruelty-free makeup. Born from Kat’s relentless pursuit of product excellence, our objective is to produce hyper-performance vegan makeup so everyone can make compassionate choices without sacrificing daring, beautiful color and everlasting wear.

Fuel your self manifestation with an award-winning lineup of waterproof liners, eyesight makeup, prismatic highlighters, vegan makeup brushes, and the iconic liquid lipsticks that started the trend. Kat Von D Beauty has rocked the beauty world with artistry-inspired makeup products that empower you to unleash your boldest self. Go ahead and break the wonder rules-we can’t wait to see what you create!

  • Don’t Ignore YOUR SKIN LAYER Type
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  • By Raphael the Renaissance designer
  • This Old House: Little green thumbs
  • Balance out your skin pH level
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  • Now transfer this into an airtight box and use in small amounts when required

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