Being Active And Socially Ensures A Long Meaningful Life Mentally 1

Being Active And Socially Ensures A Long Meaningful Life Mentally

Mental and activities help keep us young and gives us a sense of purpose. The rollover impact is contentment and pleasure in life. When you think of nuns, most people shall picture an old woman in a habit. What most people don’t know is that nuns offer clues to physical and mental fitness and longevity.

In a recent research conducted on nuns, it has been discovered that mental fitness can in fact lengthen life. Nuns typically live healthy, structured lives without alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs. In the scholarly study, the depth of knowledge, and ideas as well as the capability to articulate were used as measures of intelligence.

Nuns with their daily recitals of spiritual scriptures have advanced a technique with the same beneficial same impact to the mind, as a good storage training system or technique. Years of leading a structured lifestyle specialized in religious study have helped them enhanced their study skills and concentration to a very high level. The result demonstrates most talented nuns reached an average age of 88.5 years, while the others only reached 81 years. With the less intelligent sisters, post-mortem brain examinations demonstrated that signs of Alzheimers disease were 10 times more frequent.

This is merely one study to summarize that the more mentally energetic you are, the less likely you will have Alzheimers disease. In Canada, there have been some research which shows similar results. It has been shown that the more well-educated are four times less inclined to be struck by cerebral atrophy than uneducated citizens.

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It is natural rules that whatever is not used often will decline slowly and can only be revived with some troubles. Many older folks, despite having less physical and mental features, have been very successful in being active and self-confident. They are satisfied with what they have and when they make plans, they ensure they are accomplished. Studies have shown that the secret to their confident perspective in life is easy. They do not look back to the rue and past what may have been or could have been. Instead they anticipate what’s possible ahead of them. They renew themselves constantly.

Learning new things, creating new ideas for personal growth or making new friends. The act of learning makes their memory stronger and help them minimize memory loss, a natural outcome of growing older. Many old folks have been recognized to volunteer their time, Mary for example is a 70 yr old Canadian woman residing in Ontario who volunteers to read to small children twice a week in the community library.

During her free time, she actually is constantly checking out new formulas and writing them with friends and neighbors. The continuous mental and physical activities are what keeps Mary young at her age and helps train her memory, making it stronger everyday. In fact neighbors fondly calls her the “Muffin Mary” and are quite happy to try out Marys bakes once in a while.