WHAT EXACTLY ARE Your Top Travel Tips? 1

WHAT EXACTLY ARE Your Top Travel Tips?

I’m back home now and ideally back again to blogging! I thought I’d share a couple of things that I’ve been doing to make frequent vacationing easier. Leave room in your suitcase. There is nothing more irritating than not being able to fit everything back into your suitcase by the end of your trip or not having the ability to root around in your handbag to find socks because it’s too stuffed. Choosing a suitcase with some wiggle room and/or paring down your items so you need not struggle to fit everything in is one way to alleviate some stress! Pack your reliable clothing.

I know it’s a lot more fun to pick different or new outfits to take on a trip, but you will thank yourself if you make sure they are first and foremost pieces you feel comfortable and self-confident in. Trying new outfits within an unfamiliar environment just increases the awkwardness you’re already experiencing being abroad. Turn your handbag into the overflow bag.

I have a Mary-Poppins sized purse that has been such a blessing these last couple of weeks. Sometimes easily don’t possess room in my own suitcase I also throw my straightener, hair gel, and jewelry case in my own handbag. Take your own blanket. No matter how many times you visit grandma’s or your best friend’s house, it certainly is so much easier to sleep if you are warm under your own blanket. It can increase as a pillow if you decide to nap at a gas place and ensures you’re able to keep warm whenever your host doesn’t have confidence in turning on the heat unless it’s snowing. Plan your outfits around your shoes.

Shoes are the bulkiest item to pack, so if you’re able to take just two set for a weekend it certainly helps. If you’re taking boots with you, make an effort to incorporate them into the travel outfits and that means you don’t have to fit them in your suitcase. It certainly is good to have some sort of informal shoe that you could do active things in and then a couple of nice flats or heels for the other occasions.

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But it worked just fine to wear the plum shoes with my church dress. Packing for a weekend in Atlanta. I love visiting places where roads are concrete and sidewalks are common because I can wear flats and heels without fear of sinking in mud. Always take a casual outfit. I don’t know just how many times I’ve been super thankful I needed throwing a set of jeans and a warm sweater tunic into my bag at the last minute.

Whether it’s freshening up after touring, ending your day with a movie at a friend’s after a fancy event, or being invited climbing unexpectedly, getting the extra clothing is a very nice thing. AFTER I travel, I try to simplify my schedule as much as possible. So of packing body lotion and make up remover instead, I just make an effort to take something that works for both, like Cetaphyl or coconut oil.