Lavender CAN BE USED In Aromatherapy Extensively 1

Lavender CAN BE USED In Aromatherapy Extensively

We went to Mesa Arizona last month for the United States Lavender Conference (USLC) in Mesa AZ with my hubby. This was the 3rd conference placed on by the newly founded United States Lavender Growers Association (of which I am a founding member by the way). We had three monitors of speakers; for starting growers, experienced growers and for individuals who may or may not grow, but do use lavender.

Lavender can be used extensively in aromatherapy, cooking food, and in skin care products as well as for crafts and option of US cultivated lavender is growing. Lavender can help with stress, anxiety, and promoting sleep. They are important applications because trouble in virtually any one of the areas can lead to a host of other health problems.

Our keynote speaker, Nancy Baggett released her cookbook just, “Cooking with Lavender” which you can actually purchase inside our store in Longmont now. During the conference there is much concentrate on a common pathogen that has effects on lavender in our country now, Phytophthora. The target is to stop the spread by managing it at the foundation; small vegetation that are purchased for field planting. We learned about making products with lavender, cooking with lavender and more. We learned all about marketing our products in one of my mentors, Indie Business Network owner, Donna Marie Johnson.

I provided a talk on cosmetic rules for people who are making skin care products with lavender; “Your Product Smells Great, but is it Compliant?” not the most stimulating topic there is Maybe, but one which indeed makers need to find out about. Despite the fact that we know lavender is wonderful and a very important contribution to skin care, the FDA requires that people make no statements, either for aromatherapy benefits or skin-care benefits.

Doing so categorizes lavender as a drug and that is not approved by the FDA. I also resolved how to make a safe aesthetic, the utilization of preservatives and antioxidants (they are not the same thing) and good production practices. Among the better occasions of the conference were the unscheduled moments when we learn from each other, by networking and talking.

There was a pre-conference plantation tour and a farm dinner that people didn’t make. It would have been interesting to see farms in such a different environment than ours. And then of course there is trekking in the Superstition Mountains. You can read about that on our other blog here.

If your levels are below 35 ng/mL, you are Vitamin D deficient and should get treatment. Scientists at the Boston University School of Medicine and McLean Hospital have figured depressive disorders are associated with low levels of gamma-amino-butyric acidity (GABA) in the mind and that exercising yoga can help by increasing these levels.

GABA can also be helpful when taken in dietary supplement form. Water is the life-span blood of the body. Many problems including depression can be associated with dehydration, since 85 % of our brain tissue consists of water. Try drinking water each day instead of sodas or caffeinated drinks, which can actually have a dehydrating effect.

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Remember, not absolutely all liquids as well are. Drink pure, fresh water, and lots of it. Researchers Dr Alfred Lewy and Dr Robert Sack at the National Institute of Health discovered that patients experiencing the wintertime Blues had Circadian Rhythms that were ‘out of whack. Circadian Rhythms will be the physical body clocks daily signals that control feeling and energy. They discovered that using light therapy at times of day could correct these Circadian Rhythms and by doing this, relieve the symptoms of SAD.

During light therapy treatment, the patient sits near a light package which gives off a shiny light that mimics natural sunshine. Light Therapy is utilized for the treatment of SAD and recent studies have also shown it effective in the treating non-seasonal major depression as well as sleep problems, aircraft lag, and pores and skin conditions.